Life will never be the same again

on August 20, 2008 by Administrator

Ten days ago I had never heard of Rebecca Adlington. Now she is one of the buzz names on everyone’s lips and is probably going to be the face of UK Swimming for the next decade.

The title is from a Mel C song and I really think that it is rather apt. How she’ll cope with her new found fame is one of the biggest questions around. She seems to be coping rather well so far but she is still in Beijing and not back home in Mansfield.

Her local swimming pool is set to be re-named in her honour and that’ll just be the start of it. Expect a big endorsement deal with someone like Speedo or Adidas to come to fruition sooner rather than later and she’ll be someone who’ll every quickly become very much in the public eye.

For London 2012 she’ll still be just 23 years of age -– very much still in her prime. She might well be the face of the Games and that pressure will be something else. I noticed that her profile has now been set to private on the popular social networking site Facebook, she was publicly list on there just last week but now you can’t message her or search for her unless she contacts you first (Note to Becky: If you are reading this (highly unlikely) and want to say Hi – I’m on there – the surname is Monnery)

I wonder if she’s received some horrible messages or whether this has been done just because she can’t deal with the tonne of correspondence that she must be getting.

Her performances have been terrific and she will become a media darling. I hope she doesn’t listen to some of the not so nice things that’ve been written as they are undeserved. She has worked hard and achieved something that most of us could only dream about. Is it just the English way to be jealous of those that are successful?

Whatever the case one thing is for sure though and that is that this girls life will never be the same again.

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