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Welcome to TalkSwimming

Welcome to Talk Swimming - the new home of Swimming on the web.

Swimming is a sport that requires immense dedication and only seems to reach the public consciousness once every four years at the Olympic Games. Gill Howard will take you through the sport in our guide which tells you everything you may want to know the different strokes to competitive swimming and how to get started in the sport.

Learn the Strokes

There are several different ways to get through the water and they are detailed in our strokes section.

Before you get started then there are a few things you might need from goggles to armbands - all is explained in that section of the guide.


Recent Posts

Adlington scoops 2008 sport award

Rebecca Adlington's year just gets better and better as the double Olympic gold medallist was named Sportswoman of the Year 2008 at the Sports Journalists' Association (SJA) Sports Awards which were held in London last Wednesday 26th November. The SJA Sports Awards are in their 60th year but the Sportswoman... [read more]

Hackett retires from swimming

Grant Hackett, the Olympic swimming legend, has announced his retirement at the age of just 28. He made his announcement at the Swimming Australia awards ceremony on Monday. Although the swimmer is only 28 years of age, he feels like he has been

Life will never be the same again

Ten days ago I had never heard of Rebecca Adlington. Now she is one of the buzz names on everyone's lips and is probably going to be the face of UK Swimming for the next decade. The title is from a Mel C song and I really think that it is rather apt. How she'll cope with her new found fame is one of... [read more]

Rebecca Adlington & Jo Jackson - Making a nation proud.

Every four years I suddenly get into swimming and this year was no different. I'd never heard of Rebecca Adlington before Sunday but after her qualification performance, I made the decision to set the alarm and watch her go for gold live. I am sitting here at what, nigh on half three in the afternoon,... [read more]

'No way' turns into 'no quit' for Lezak men's relay team

If Michael Phelps gets the eight golds then he must give a huge slice of the credit to Jason Lezak. An out-of-this world effort from the 32 year-old saw the American's win Gold. I wouldn't go as far as greatest swim ever (Ian Thorpe in Sydney on the 4x200 free would get my vote) but still - it was... [read more]